Grant Application & Requirements

The Andrew and Phyllis D’Arrigo Charitable Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications. Grants are awarded annually to non-profit organizations that become known to the Board through a variety of sources on an ongoing basis. Non-profit Organizations wishing to inform the Board of their programs, activities, and services are encouraged to add the Foundation to their mailing list for Newsletters, announcements and any other regular correspondence, however, the Foundation will not acknowledge receipt of any such materials and will not undertake to comment on them in any way.

I. General Objectives of Grant Making

The Andrew and Phyllis D’Arrigo Charitable Foundation is generally interested in assisting non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) status that have programs that will achieve all or some of the following objectives:

  • Assist in youth development and leadership
  • Improve and enrich the quality of life for seniors
  • Support and promote healthcare or education
  • Improve the well being of youth
  • Support and strengthen the Agricultural industry
  • Assist in the support and welfare of animals

II. Grant Making Procedures

The Board of Directors will periodically investigate and review organizations which meet the Foundation’s grant making criteria.

  • The Foundation will only consider grants to organizations with a demonstrated ability to provide meaningful ongoing benefits to the residents of the City of Salinas or the Salinas Valley, California.
  • The Foundation will consider grants for both building projects and programs.
  • The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for grants in any form including formal written correspondence, emails, telephone calls, and in person requests. Consequently, the Foundation does not undertake to respond to any unsolicited materials it may receive.

III. Limitations on Grant Making

The Foundation will not normally make grants to support sectarian religious programs; to support agencies which receive substantial tax support; to establish or add to endowments; or to support tax supported educational institutions.